Our Mission

Our Mission

Save them all – now or never!

The Now or Never African Wildlife Trust has one mission – Save them All. We endeavor to save all the elephants, rhinos and their calves who survive a poaching attack. We get them with helicopters, care about them in orphanages and release them where they belong to – into the wild. We strive to save them all. We will save them all.

The founders of The Now or Never African Wildlife trust believe it is absolutely possible to save every single one of these animals with a plan, an iron will, expertise and crucially with the funds required.

Our Strategy



Rescue ALL the injured animals we can through a new rapid aerial response team with a central operations hub.


When they are rescued we have the expertise to save them through our medical and specialist care in high-quality rehabilitation centres that have been operational since 2012.


When they are strong enough, suitably wild and attain the age of 3 years old, we release them into one of a network of specially protected safe havens that is already established, comprising over 35 000 hectares of African bush.

Each of the steps requires experts in their fields, from helicopter pilots, resource managers, veterinarians, wildlife rehabilitation experts and nurses, security specialists and fundraisers. Our founders are experts in these fields and where necessary we outsource our needs, such as helicopters and pilots who are on standby 24/7 to urgently implement medical evacuation of the injured animals.

Uniting All Forces to Make a Difference in Africa


Among the founder members of NNAWT are the following organisations and experts:

  • The Rhino Orphanage – the world’s first specialist centre for the care and rehabilitation of orphaned rhino
  • Care for Wild Africa – South Africa’s biggest rhino orphanage and rehabilitation centre
  • Saving the Survivors – World leaders in veterinarian care for wild animals
  • Youth 4 African Wildlife – The future of the struggle, the next generation
  • A digital expert from Google – A company with a global vision for problem solving

The founders have identified other organisations to deliver the required services including those who:

  1. Rescue Operations: Work in animal rescue with helicopters
  2. High-end security: Train and deploy wildlife security consultants and operatives – the protectors
  3. Safe Release areas: Have the capacity to become a suitable safe haven

It is all possible. We can save them all. We will save them all.

Fundraising is crucial and the combined efforts of the founders will target a global audience to facilitate our urgent needs to save these animals in utmost distress. Only with a collective effort will humanity succeed in saving these majestic rhinos and elephants from extinction.

Thank you so much for supporting us!

The Now or Never African Board – Johan, Thomas, Dex, Arrie & Chris

Rhinos Need You to Save Them - Now or Never.